How We Help: Evelyn Goldberg Mammography Center at The University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System

On September 24, 2012 the Evelyn Goldberg Mammography Center, named in honor of Dr. Sandy’s late mother, was unveiled. Previously known as the Evelyn Goldberg Center (est. 2004) located within the Oncology Center, as an informational and resource hub, the new Evelyn Goldberg Mammography Center is an outgrowth of ASLF’s Buy A Mom A Mammogram® program.

Buy A Mom A Mammogram, the foundation’s most far reaching program – funding cost free screening mammograms and diagnostic evaluation when indicated for uninsured women (and men) was created with the support of The University of Illinois Hospital. The template is used at all partner hospitals and reflects the foundation’s philosophy of not allowing anyone to fall through the cracks.

Since 2006, when ASLF’s Buy A Mom A Mammogram program was established, over 7.000 women (and men) have received information about and access to cost free testing –1,100 at The University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System. It is only fitting that the first Evelyn Goldberg Mammography Center be established there. Entering into an environment that is warm and welcoming, greeted by trained professionals utilizing the most current equipment – it is a true expression of what Evelyn Goldberg stood for: “We are all family and we have to help each other through the tough times.”

The daughters of Evelyn Goldberg: Dr. Sandy Goldberg and Linda Sklar

Dr. Sandy Goldberg and Evelyn Goldberg