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Responding to the need of uninsured and underinsured women (and men) to obtain this potentially lifesaving screening, the Foundation is partnering with select Chicago area healthcare institutions to provide access to mammography.

Buy A Mom A Mammogram® funds cost free mammograms and diagnostic testing to individuals in a timely, dignified and respectful fashion.

Do you need a mammogram and can't afford it?

Please call (312) 345-1322 or (Toll Free) 1-877-924-1126 to see if we can help.

To ensure future access to women in need of a potentially life-saving screening, Please donate and help us in our mission: "Let no one fall through the cracks."

Meet the folks who answer your calls: Meet the folks who will take your mammogram:

Chicagoans of the Year 2013: Sandy Goldberg

Imagine waking up one morning to discover a lump in your breast. And not having any money, let alone health insurance. What do you do?

If you live in or near Chicago, you can call the local foundation A Silver Lining (312-345-1322). The organization arranges diagnostic tests for breast cancer at eight area hospitals (and one in Rockford) and pays the entire cost significant given that a single biopsy can cost thousands of dollars. "There are no [income or insurance] qualifications," says Sandy Goldberg, 68, who founded ASLF in 2002. "Just ask for help and you can have it."

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