November 21, 2015

Keep aBreast

Keep aBreast is a face to face, multimedia breast health presentation that includes a straightforward discussion between breast cancer survivors and young women. The goal is two-fold: to teach young women to become advocates for their own breast health and to raise awareness of the need for breast cancer screening to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

Over 11,000 young women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually in the United States. Although there is no cure for Breast Cancer early detection is key; with early detection, the survival rate at 5 years is over 95%.

Keep aBreast’s mission is to have young women serve as educational and cultural messengers, providing information to their family or community members who are not performing monthly self exams, seeing a health professional regularly or getting an annual mammogram.

Although 40 has always been considered the “magic age” for women to start getting mammograms, younger if there is a family history; for some, that is too late. If young women are trained early to check for and learn the signs and to spread the information among family members and in their communities many lives could be saved; truly a silver lining.

In the United States, 250,000 women under 40 are living with Breast Cancer Breast Cancer is leading cause of death in women ages 15-54 The youngest woman diagnosed with Breast Cancer through ASLF was 20 years old. What if she had waited until 40?

If your organization, school, church, youth group, is interested in a Keep aBreast presentation, please contact J. Smith-Lindsey at 312-345-1322 or

Feedback from some our participants

“I like how real the speakers are.”

“Great job. This should be spread more.”

“This was great-really helpful, we don’t do this in health class.”

“I learned a lot from this workshop.”

“All good.”

“I thought the speakers were very friendly and kept things more teenager friendly.”

“Testimonials were helpful and a good eye opener.”

“Great speakers! Thanks for sharing your stories! You’re an inspiration!”