November 21, 2015

Buy A Mom A Mammogram®

Established in 2006, Buy A Mom A Mammogram ® (BAMAM) funds cost-free breast health testing for those who are uninsured, underinsured and/or ineligible for other breast health testing programs. ASLF doesn’t exclude anyone based on age, residency, or socioeconomics. The only requirement is need.

Through BAMAM, nearly 25,000 women have received cost-free screening mammograms and diagnostic testing, which includes diagnostic mammogram, breast ultrasound, MRI and biopsy. Men also get breast cancer; BAMAM will fund testing for any man in need.

As best known, ASLF is the only organization in Illinois that funds screening and diagnostic testing based solely on need. The rate of diagnosis for women funded through BAMAM is five times the national average.

ASLF works with 15 partner hospitals throughout Chicagoland, Rockford, Elgin, Evanston and Des Plaines. Should there be a diagnosis of breast cancer, these partner hospitals ensure that anyone coming through ASLF’s BAMAM program will receive cost-free treatment via public programs or the hospital’s charity care program.

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